What's the s.coop?

s.coop shortens long web addresses into neat, tiny s.coop URLs to be used on the web (Twitter, Facebook etc . . .) or even in print.

So gone are the days of another long web address taking up precious space in Tweets or forcing readers to type in long, laborious URLs from publications.

s.coop has been created by Co-operative Press — publishers of theNews.coop and the printed-publication Co-operative News.

One of the aims of this website is to also promote the dotCoop domain name, which can be used by co-operatives the world over. One of the problems though is the lack of recognition from the general public.

With a little help from you though, our fun and friendly s.coop address will help to increase knowledge of the many dotCoop addresses that are run by democratic, ethical businesses around the world.

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